Protect Your Business With Network Access Control Software

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The Internet is inherently insecure; securing a protected cyber environment for your business is fundamental for ensuring sensitive information is protected. Hackers are innovative; maintaining cybersecurity is a constant battle against continuous creative attacks. Cyberinfrastructure is a necessity in the contemporary workforce. As the number of mobile devices increases, businesses must enact policies to restrict access.

Network access control software provides compliance capabilities and controlled access required for security in large and small businesses.

Network Access Control: How it Works

Network access control software is a policy-based system; controls are defined to specify available resources for the end user, and a server acts as a gatekeeper, authenticating and authorizing users to access information based on their permissions. Think going to your friend’s house but only entering rooms where you had a key. On a company level, you can grant guests Internet access without providing permission to all company resources. Security on mobile devices, visibility, and guest access are some key features network control software provides.


Bring your own device is a policy that many workforces have granted for their employees. This allows employees to use personal devices for work purposes; however, with more devices needing company resources comes more potential for security breaches. Network access control enforces security on mobile devices.

Guest Access

Often companies will grant access for guests to utilize the Internet, but not to company information and resources. With a network access control, you can manage guest privileges through authentication and controls.


Network access control software increases visibility by profiling incoming users and denying network access to noncompliant devices.

As a small business, it is important to maintain a reputation for solid and secure cyber infrastructure. Making sure your customer and company information is protected is vital for providing safe and successful services.